By Holly Maguire


Paperback with PVC jacket

160 x 220 mm
November 2016



What child hasn’t gazed yearningly at doe-eyed cocker spaniels and bouncy little terriers, dreaming of the day their parents consent to get them that longed-for puppy? Adopt-A-Dog is a gorgeously illustrated book that outlines the characteristics of 35 diffeerent breeds and introduces kids to the responsibilities of grooming, feeding and caring for a dog.

Warm, humorous and stylish, with five-colour printing and a durable, PVC cover wrap, this is the ultimate book in which to indulge puppy love. A foldout stickyscape at the back allows kids to position dogs inside a park, a salon and a home with reusable stickers. 

Holly Maguire is an emerging young illustrator with a passion for pattern. Using goache, pen and ink, her illustrations have a beguiling innocence that will delight and inspire. 

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