by Tracey Benton


Price: £12.95

Desc: Paperback / 14.8 x 21.5cm / 112pp

Category: Craft / Design
Release Date: June 2013


The current fashion for taxidermy is hard to avoid. It seems every trendy bar, restaurant or new boutique you walk into these days has the head of some animal or another gazing down from on high. For those of us who are reluctant for whatever reason to exhibit a decapitated mammal upon our walls, an alternative option has at last surfaced. Using sewing, crochet, knitting, paper mache, and in some cases just cutting and pasting, you can achieve the spirit of taxidermy without the morbid overtones.

Combining the twin joys of craft and taxidermy, Craftydermy presents a cabinet of curiosities that will delight, amuse and inspire.

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