Disappearing Acts

By Isabella Bunnel


April 2016


Disappearing Acts is a beautifully illustrated search and find book. Each page features a densely detailed landscape: rainforest, savannah, coral reef etc. Within these landscapes are hiding threatened species such as the adelie penguin, elephant, panda and snow leopard, and children are invited to search the picture ot find each one. Alongside the illustration run descriptions of the animals and their habitats. Beautifully packaged with a linen spine and pantone printing, this is a delightful way in which to learn about our planet’s rich diversity and fragile eco-systems.

Isabella Bunnell is an emerging illustration talent, currently working on textile projects as well as two further book ventures.

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The Illustrations are just unbelievably gorgeous and so colourful. It is such a lovely book that will grow with your child as they develop from doing the search and find to reading all about the endangered species. LITTLE SLEEPY BIRD
Vibrantly illustrated, this is an important book that all children should read. Hopefully it won't become a catalogue of extinct animals, but it really is books like these that raise awareness in the people we need to educate the most--the children who will inherit the perilous habitats we are leaving behind. KIDS BOOK REVIEW
This most stunning search-and-find book of endangered animals is a complete gem. A great introduction to the increasing number of endangered species, coupled with the most intricate illustrations. PICTURE BOOKS BLOGGER.