Draw Me A House

By: Thibaud Herem

ISBN: 978-09-56205-37-7
Price: £12.95 / $17.95

Desc: 21x28 cm / 208 pages / 300 b&w ills

Release Date: May 2012


Draw Me a House celebrates the power of architecture. An interactive colouring book for children, budding architects and anyone interested in the built environment, it invites readers to think about, doodle and engage with architectural elements from Malian houses to New York skyscrapers.

Exquisite illustrations by Thibaud Herem bring buildings to life, and playful suggestions to draw a new top on the Chrysler building, design a deluxe doghouse, colour in a gargoyle or fix up the Parthenon, will delight adults and children alike.

Look at the world around you in a different way. Get inspired by architecture!

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