Flying Colours 

A guide to flags from around the world

By Robert G Fresson


180 x 250mm
122 pp
October 2017


By exploring the patterns, colours and crests of flags, we can learn all about the histories and aspirations of the countries they represent. Did you know that the flag of Nepal is the only one with more than four sides? Or that the flag of Mozambique features a book, a hoe and an AK47?

Find out the difference between the flag of Chad and the flag of Romania (spoiler: there is none), and why the Union Jack is asymmetrical. Robert G Fresson’s meticulous vintage-inflected illustrations provide a refreshingly elegant insight into the fascinating world of vexillology.

Robert G Fresson has a distinctive graphic style inspired by work of Herge and ‘Boy’s Own’ illustrations of the 1940s. His work has been published in The New Yorker, the New York Times and the Guardian amongst other publications. 


Fascinating new facts can be learned on each page and the focus is on interesting flags from all over the world, even if they are from the tiniest of islands. YOUTH SERVICES BOOK REVIEW 
Flags elicit complex emotions, and so will this celebration of flags around the globe. Readers who know the definition of “vexillologist” may be the target audience, but even people with no interest in geography might find themselves entertained and even a little tearful. KIRKUS REVIEW
Readers who are intrigued by signs and symbols will find a treasure trove of information in this handbook of world flags. Jacobs’s intriguing insights are gracefully paired with Fresson’s polished digital graphics. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Jacobs's guide to the flags of the world is beautiful and informative. After a brief walk through the history of flags in general, the author offers a two-page lesson on flag design, with definitions of many of the unique terms associated with vexillology (the study of flags). SCHOOL LIBARY JOURNA

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