Hidden Museum

By Shaun Parr


12O x180 mm
August 2017


In the 16th century, learned aristocrats curated collections of wondrous, exotic artefacts across the fields of natural history, anthropology and religion. These cabinets of curiosity, were the precursors to museums.

This book is a collection of specimens, geological samples and historical objects. Behind each one hides something that reveals a secret about its creation, evolution or connection to history. Use the red magnifying glass to uncover a second illustration hidden under the first, and illuminate a world beyond the obvious.

Shaun Parr's detailed illustrations are inspired by scientific illustration, biological forms, taxidermy, fossils and geology. Since graduating from Liverpool School of Art with a first class degree,he has been working with various prestigious clients, and was awarded the Cass Art Sketchbook prize in 2015.

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