• Know Your Rodent
  • By: Thibaud Herem
  • ISBN: 978-0-9562053-1-5
  • Price: US $14.00 / CDN $16.00/ UK £7.95
  • Desc: Hardcover 16x12cm/ 48 pgs / 32 colour ills
  • Category: Children’s/Design
  • Release Date: Published: April 2010

Do YOU know your rodents? Well it’s time you did. Why? Because there are more rodents in the world than you could ever imagine. 2,000 species, in fact. Some are cute, some are peculiar and some are downright ugly. They live on every continent except for Antarctica. In fact you’re probably only a few feet away from one as you read this.

Know Your Rodent is a guide to 20 of the weirdest and coolest-looking rodents in the world. Short factual texts explain what they’re all about, and are accompanied by brilliantly characterful watercolour illustrations. In no time at all you’ll be able to tell your jerboa from your springhare, and wow your friends with fascinating facts about the remarkable 130cm long capybara.