A Maternal Journal 

By Georgina McAusland


140 x 220 mm
128 pp
October 2018


Motherlode provides a canvas on which to explore the vast spectrum of emotions and personal transformations that accompany the birth of a child.

Prompts such as ‘describe the birth’, ‘draw your body’ and ‘write down your hopes and dreams for yourself before and after baby arrived’, will encourage readers to honestly explore their personal experiences. Quotes and observations by feminists and writers will inspire and illuminate the universalities of new motherhood. Thoughtful, funny and beautifully presented this is a great gift book for new mothers, and complements the critically
acclaimed Vajournal (Cicada 2017).

Georgina McAusland  is a London-based illustrator and printmaker whose distinctive work has featured on a mural at the Queens Gallery, in Selvedge Magazine and on covers by Vintage Books. 

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