Tester Post

1st March 2011

Graphic USA is getting some great reviews online – The Fox is Black, Fuel Your Creativity and Swiss Legacy are just a few of the design blogs that are getting excited. Urban Outfitters look like they’re going to stock the book, and we’re looking forward to meeting some of the contributors at the launch in 3 weeks.

In the meantime, the craft book collaboration with Victoria Woodcock is well under way. It’s now got a title – State of Craft – but still no cover. After much deliberation, we’re opting for a photographic image, rather than an illustration. How exactly this will come together remains to be seen! Some amazing stuff is coming through – very excited about this one!

A latecomer for the Christmas list is a little title called the Inspirational Moustache which is a survey of the burgeoning moustache phenomenon. With fantastic street photography, a selection of the best moustache design concepts and a handful of DIY moustache crafts, it captures a seminal moment in the history of facial hair and will inspire readers to grow their own, fake their own, or at the very least knit their own moustaches.

Graphic USA is about to hit the shops

Graphic USA is about to hit the shops – the contributors have done a fantastic job of promoting the book, and we’ll be hosting a launch next month (details will be posted shortly).

I’ve just started work on our next publication – a craftbook co-edited with Victoria Woodcock. Victoria’s an amazingly talented crafter and writer, as well as the organizer of Bust Magazine’s London Craftactular. We collaborated on a book called Making Stuff back in the Black Dog Publishing days, which was one of the first alternative craft books to hit the shelves. The craft scene has changed since then, gaining momentum and kudos at a rate of knots. We reckon it’s time to shake things up with a glossy, sexy new craftbook featuring contributions and interviews by all the hottest craft megastars. It’ll be out in time for Christmas 2011, and we’ll keep you updated as it comes together.