Phone Book 

By Matilda Tristram 


72 x 142 mm
32 pp
May 2018


The exact size and shape of a mobile phone, Phone Book takes the screen out of screen-time and brings distraction activities firmly into the analogue realm. Draw your best and worst selfie, copy out the funniest text exchange you’ve ever had, design your favourite game, do a faceswap with a cat, write out your life philosophies in 140 characters, and invent some new apps to suit your lifestyle.

With a sheet of emoji stickers to colour and complete, this is a gorgeous activity book that is sure to get your creative juices flowing, and bring a smile to the most hardened of screen-addicts.

Matilda Tristram is a writer, animator and illustrator. She is the author of graphic novel, Probably Nothing (Penguin 2014) and two children's books; Santa’s Beard and Reindeer’s Nose (Walker, 2015). She has writ- ing credits on numerous children’s television shows, and her comic strips have featured in the Guardian, Vice, Glamour and Art Review.

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