Ping Pong

by Studio April


Price: £5.99 

Desc: Paperback / 16 x 12 cm / 64 pp
Release Date: October 2012


Played by over 250 million people, ping pong is the second most popular sport in the world, and yet somehow it has always retained an atmosphere of sub-culture – a sport that happens in a dimly lit basement, played by nerds and weirdos. And there is some truth in that. Ping pong is an intellectual game; quick to learn and slow to master. A game that relies on quick reflexes and even quicker psychoanalysis of one’s opponent. In this age in which the geeks have inherited the earth, it comes as no surprise that ping pong has found its way out of the basement and into the hippest venues the world over. 

Anyone can play ping pong regardless of gender, background or nationality. Learn the rules, improve your technique, check out the culture and the vibe surrounding the sport. Listen to the pock-pock sound of the ball on the table, and join in the conversation that is ping pong.

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