The Bike Owner's Handbook

by Peter Drinkell


Price: £9.99

Desc: 13x17cm / 112 pages
Release Date: May 2012


Anyone who has ridden a bicycle to work, whizzing past the traffic, the wind behind you, coasting in at a fraction of the time of public transport, knows that there is a romance and a magic to cycling. The bike is remarkable in tis simplicity and easy to take for granted, but all romance needs to be worked at and your bicycle is no exception. The Bike-Owner's Handbook is a manual of basic bicycle repair and upkeep, taking you step-by-step through the essentials fo puncture repair, brake and gear adjustment and cleaning and maintenance. Master these essentials, learn how the components of the machine work together as a whole, treat it kindly and with respect and it will reward you many times over. It is the beautiful machine after all.

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