The Inspirational Moustache

by Ziggy Hanaor/Studio April


Price: UK £5.95 / US $9.00

Desc: Paperback / 64pp/ 16x12 cm / 62 colour ills
Release Date: October 2011


For decades the moustache has been languishing in fashion’s dark and dingy closet, but at long last, it is slowly inching its way back into favour. In design, in craft and on many a discerning face, the soup strainer, nose neighbour, lip tickler, face foliage, mouth brow, or whatever else you want to call it is making a comeback. This book is here to celebrate a seminal moment in the history of facial hair and to embrace the moustache in all its hairy glory. 

There’s an old English proverb that says ‘a man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar’. It’s time to re-introduce a little bit of flavour into our lives, and welcome the mighty mo back into polite society.

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