By Sarah Tanat Jones and Deevine Devans



12O x160 mm
June 2017


There is nothing more shocking or fascinating than the story of a homicidal woman. We are told that violence is a man’s domain – that a woman is pre-programmed to nurture and protect. Women who break this taboo are hated and reviled; demonised in the press and imprinted upon our collective psyches. This book profiles 19 female murderers throughout history – from powerful female warriors such as Boudicca and Agrippina to the revenge killings of Ruth Ellis and Phoolan Devi to the outright psychotic butcherings of Mona Fandey and Juana Barraza. Beautiful and evocative illustrations by Sarah Tanat-Jones make their stories even more compelling.

Sarah Tanat Jones is an Edinburgh-based illustrator working primarily in brush and ink. Her distinctive illustrations have been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, on Asos and elsewhere. She was the winner of the D&AD New Blood Award 2014.

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