You Are Here

by Robin Jacobs and Kathrin Jacobsen



August 2015


You Are Here offers young readers a playful, interactive introduction to maps and global geography. Cities are compared to one another in terms of geographical size and population size. Underground maps can be completed and coloured in. Countries’ resources, foods, languages and landmarks are brought to life, by doodling, completing, redesigning and embellishing the illustrations. Weather maps, climate change, bird migration and ocean geography also find their place.

Plenty of space is left for maps to be drawn, flags to be designed and transport systems to be built. Finally, a fold-out poster slotted into the back of the book allows readers to create their own world.

Kathrin Jacobsen is a London based illustrator and graphic designer. Kathrin has worked for Tate Modern, Royal Academy, Sony, and Ford. She also has a book with Random House Germany, Grossvaters Karpfen (2015). 

Available to purchase online.