Night Windows   

By Aart-Jan Venema 


220 x 290 mm 
32 pp 
October 2018


Adjusting to life in a new city is tough. When a young boy moves from the countryside, everyone around him seems so unfriendly. Lonely and homesick, he sits on a bench outside his new apartment block and watches 
the busy urban lives going on behind the lit windows. The daily tribulations of a writer, a cook, a gardener, a pianist and an energetic family are a few of the stories that unfold as he looks on. Gradually the boy begins to interact with the people around him and decides to throw a big party to bring all the neighbours together.... 

This is a heartwarming tale about fitting in and making friends, packed with hilarious details that will keep children young and old entertained for hours. 

Aart-Jan Venema is a Dutch illustrator living and working in The Hague. His distinctive watercolour style has featured in The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, the FT and Zeit Magazine. He was the 2017 winner of the AOI World Illustration Award.

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